About Us

5SpeedTransmissions.com specializes in the sale of 5 & 6 speed TREMEC manual transmissions for Ford, GM, and Mopar applications, and accessories for each.  

5SpeedTransmissions.com was started in January of 2002 by Michael Pell.  We were located in Indianapolis, IN  (well actually Camby, IN, just 10 miles southwest of Indy). In February of 2005, Ray Brock of Columbus, IN  took over the business and was the main manager/salesperson.  He offically named the company “JAM Performance Transmissions, LLC”.

In January of 2007, 5SpeedTransmissions.com was purchased by Brad Wedan of Wedan Street & Performance, Columbus, IN, and JAM Performance Transmissions, LLC was dissolved, although Brad has continued the “JAM Performance Transmissions” business name (less the “LLC”).   Wedan Street & Performance is a full service speed shop in beautiful Columbus, IN.   See more on our Contact Us! page.                 

Our goal is to provide a high quality transmission to our customers, and to provide a website rich in information to meet your needs.   This website is updated frequently, so please check back for new information!   And please feel free to suggest what you’d like to see, and feel free to send some information for us to post.  We’ll give you credit for your work.    

If you have any questions/comments about TREMEC transmissions, our products, this website, etc, please contact us via email at sales@5SpeedTransmissions.com.


You can also see some older posts (mjpell) at the forums/bulletin boards at these websites:  http://www.camaros.net http://www.chevelles.com , http://www.pro-touring.com , and http://www.nastyz28.com .  Due to being overwhelmed with business, Mike and Ray weren’t able to continue putting forth effort to the various bulletin boards.                 

For the 2009,2008, 2007, and 2006  Indianapolis Super Chevy Shows, we were with the TREMEC rep (Chuck Englebrecht and/or Paul Mooney) in the main sponsor tent!  We had our own tent for the  2005, 2004, and the 2002  Indianapolis Super Chevy shows, click the years to see some pics.  For the 2004 Super Chevy event, we were the TTC-invited vendor!  Very cool!   The TTC guys also asked to use Mike’s car in the event  sponsorship-announcement parade!  That was very cool!