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Here’s some of our customers’ cars and even some comments from our customers.

Gary Pina - 69 Camaro with a TKO-600.  Click here for more pics.

Owned by  Gary Pina

Daren Jones - 70 Mustang (in Australia), Spring ‘05 with a TKO-600 5sp.  Click here for more pics.

Owned by Daren Jones

Terry Martin - 70 Chevelle, Fall ‘04, with a 534BBC!  and a TKO-600 5spClick here for more pics!

Owned by Terry Martin

Steve Rayburn - 69 Camaro, June 04, with a 502 and a TKO-600 5sp!  Click here for more pics!

Owned by Steve Rayburn

Vincent Russo - 84 Camaro, June ‘04 (to soon have a GM TKO-600 5sp), with a 400hp SBC.  This is a NASCAR themed car, complete with the NASCAR exhaust tips!  Click here for more pics!

Owned by Vincent Russo

Mike Bingman - 69 Camaro, Apr ‘04  He took the ‘Kool Camaro’ Award at the Kool April Nites show in Redding, Ca..  Congratulations!  Click here or the photo for more pics.

Owned by Michael Bingman

Mats Hammarlund - LT Special - Feb ‘04   Read more on this spectactular rare and famous race car! (click here).  And see more of this car and Mats’ 2004 World Rally Championship experiences here!

Owned by Mats Hammarlund

Don Dabbs - 69 Camaro w/GM TKO - Jan ‘04   “Got my stock shifter handle bolted up and so far am able to use my stock shifter boot,  this is great.   So far all i can say about your stuff,,, you mean what you say about direct bolt in.   As much as i have read up on this TREMEC installation and the product that you represented,   it is the top of line... You have thought of everything.  All in all,, I would rate the complete package highly.” -- Don Dabbs

Owned by  Don Dabbs

Jon Halford - 69 Camaro w/GM TKO  - Jan ‘04  And a Zl1!!!  (all aluminum 427)   Click here, or the pic below, to see more pics!

Owned by  Jon Halford

Ryan Fultz - 68 Chevelle  w/GM TKO  -Dec ‘03 -

Owned by Ryan Fultz

Owned by  Ryan Fultz


Bernie Coffey- 66 Impala  w/GM TKO   (original 427-390hp 4 speed bench seat) - Nov 03 - Click here for more pics and an installation write up!

Owned by  Bernie Coffey

Brian Estep - 69 Camaro w/GM TKO  - Aug ‘03  Also see Brian’s write-up on
installing our External Slave Cylinder package (click here)

Owned by  Brian Estep


Mark Kafka - 71 Camaro w/GM TKO  -  June 03  

Owned by  Mark Kafka,

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