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There are a few automotive calculators provided on these pages.  Feel free to check them out!

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Calculate Tire Diameter

Width (i.e. 245):

Height (i.e. 60):

Rim Diameter (in):

Tire Diameter (in) =

Tire Circumference (in) =


Speedo Driven Gear Teeth

Drive Gear Teeth:

Rear Gear Ratio:

Tire Height:

Driven Gear Teeth:

Formulas used on this pages:

  • MPH = (rpm * tire diameter) / (rear gear ratio * trans gear ratio * 336)
  • RPM = (rear gear ratio * (mph * 88)) / ((tire Circumference/12)) * trans gear ratio
  • KPH = MPH / 0.6215
  • Tire Height = (width / 25.4) * aspect Ratio / 100
  • Tire Diameter = (2 * tire height) + rim diameter
  • Tire Circumference = tire diameter * PI
  • Starting Line Ratio = first gear ratio * rear end gear ratio
  • Driven Gear teeth = (drive gear teeth * rear gear ratio * revs per mile)/1001
  • Revs per mile = 20168 / tire diameter

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