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Need a Driveshaft?  Try a low cost aluminum driveshaft!  These may work with your TREMEC transmission!

The most obvious application for this driveshaft is the 2nd gen GM F-Body cars (‘70-’81 Camaro/Firebird).   If your driveshaft needs to be 45.5”, this may well be the solution for you.  Oh, and of course the ‘79-’93 Ford Fox body cars (Mustang, Capri).

Summit Racing sells a 3.5” aluminum driveshaft that is 45.5”.  The Summit part # is FMS-M4602G.  See if this link will work (click here).  If not, go to, and search for the part #.

Summit’s description is:  “Ford Motorsport's heavy-duty aluminum driveshaft assembly is made from 3 1/2 in. diameter, .114 in-wall, steamless 6061-RT62 aluminum tubing to stand up to race abuse. Built to stock (45 1/2 in.) length to accept stock Spicer 1330 U-joints, they are easy bolt-in replacements.”

Yes, I know it says ‘Ford Motorsports’, but your drivetrain doesn’t really care, and the price is right.  The slip yoke included with this shaft is a 28 spline yoke, which works with the TR-3550, but not the TKO, TKOII or the T56s.  So, most of the time you’ll need to use your slip yoke.  Also notice the 1330 Spicer u-joints are included, and 1330 is what the TKO slip yoke is.

Most ‘early’  original GM u-joints are 1310 series, so you’ll need conversion u-joints to work with your stock pinion and slip yoke.  The Spicer part # for the slip yoke u-joint is 5-212X.  And the Spicer part # for the pinion yoke is 5-134X.   Here’s a great source for these parts:  Patterson Driveshafts, Indianapolis, IN. 

I highly recommend you work with an experienced driveshaft shop to find the correct u-joints for your application.  Things have changed over the years, and you may not have the original components.

I also HIGHLY recommend you properly measure your driveshaft needs to ensure that you get the proper length driveshafts.  The 2nd gen driveshafts were originally 45.5”, so these should work out just fine in most 2nd gen applications.


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