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Installing a TKO into a ‘67 - ‘87 era Chevy 2WD Truck

This conversion will utilize the GM conversion TKO.

Assuming you have a manual transmission now, your pilot bearing, throwout bearing, flywheel, bellhousing, clutch linkage, and clutch fork will work just fine. 

You will need:

  • Mid-Shifter shifter location, especially with a bench seat
  • Bellhousing Adapter ring
  • Speedometer drive adapter
  • 26 spline clutch disk

You’ll need to modify your driveshaft to install the Ford slip yoke, and shorten your driveshaft accordingly.

You’ll need to move your crossmember rearward, and drill new holes in the frame for the crossmember to frame bolts.

The transmission will fit into your tunnel, however you’ll likely need to open up the shifter opening a bit.

For the earlier trucks, 67-72 era, auto to manual swap:

John Lawrance at Brothers Truck Parts in Corona CA provided the following information to me:

    If you have a small block then the frame bracket will have to be located used or on E-bay, the ball studs and Z-bar are still available from GM, and the return spring can be bought locally at Napa, etc.  The clutch pedal rod will also have to be found used but are readily available on E-bay at a reasonable price (you will probably have to buy a pedal assembly).  If you need the linkage rods, send him to http://www.speeddirect.com .  The small block linkage is available but I am still working with them on the big block version. 


Here are some installation pics from an 82 Chevy truck with the diesel, with the 16.75” shifter location, with a 2” offset.  Generally, you don’t need the 2” offset.  This customer already have a 2” offset shifter on the Muncie, and wanted to utilize the existing shifter opening.

Owner: Steve Tassias, GM TKO-500, May ‘04

Property of  Steve Tassias

The shifter bar shown is a Hurst # 538-8022.

Property of  Steve Tassias

Property of  Steve Tassias

Property of  Steve Tassias

Property of  Steve Tassias

Property of  Steve Tassias

Property of  Steve Tassias

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