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3rd Gen GM F-Body Auto-to-Manual Conversion Package
‘82 - ‘92 Camaro/Firebird

For most 3rd GM F-Body applications, we recommend the following items for swapping out your auto trans for an ‘F-late’ GM TKO 5 speed. 

Of course you can purchase each of these items seperately for the same price, but the shipping cost is for the entire package only.  We can add/remove/substitute any item in the following list.

See here for pics and swap details.

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  Check here if you already have a manual trans

 Click here for an image

3rd Gen F-Body Upgrade (adapter plate, machining for torque arm mount, F-Body input shaft). This is a required upgrade that is applied to any of the 5sp transmissions.

 Click here for an image

3 quarts of GM Syncromesh trans fluid   Click here for an image

  Click here for an image

  Click here for an image

Reverse Light Switch   Click here for an image

Neutral Safety Switch Plug    Click here for an image


McLeod Steel bellhousing (most applications) Click here for an image

Clutch fork and long pivot ball

 Click here for an image

Weber billet steel flywheel 

Throwout bearing (614018 Fed Mogul)

Roller pilot bearing

Hurst shifter bar  Click here for an image

Clutch and flywheel bolt kit

Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder Assy

Torque Arm Mount Bracket

Crossmember Relocation Kit


*Driveshaft (steel or alum, $250+ for steel)



90 day warranty  (Extended warranty available)





**Shipping estimate



(click button to initiate a quote)  If the button doesn’t work, please send an email to sales@5speedtransmissions.com or visit our Contact Us! page for our contact information.

Build your own quote!  Pick and choose the items you are interested in, and the total cost will be calculated for you.  To remove and item, uncheck the checkbox on the left.  These items aren’t your only choices, but they are the most common.

To request a formal quote, choose the items you are interested in, and click the ‘Request Formal Quote’ button below.  If you’re not sure which items to pick, just ask us (via email or call).

Then, your default email editor should appear with your selected items.  Fill in the additional requested information, and send the email.

We typically respond to all requests within a few hours, but within 24 hours for sure.

Custom shifters now available!!!   Locates the shifter bar to 16.75”, just for your GM console! 
8 different shifter locations!   Call for availability.

We have a source for used stock clutch pedals, $80-$150, call for availability.

* Regarding the driveshaft.  We can supply you with a high quality driveshaft.  However, our recommendation for you is to work with a reputable local driveshaft shop.  There are far too many variables to consider in order to 100% ensure that you get the exactly correct driveshaft the first time.   We know that pinion yokes, suspension types, rear end housings, engines, etc have likely changed, especially on the older cars.  Rather than try to guess what you have, we’d rather recommend that you work with your local driveshaft shop.  Please feel free to order one from us though.  :-)  We’ll be glad to work with you.

**  Estimated cost to any destination within the United States.  International shipment costs will vary

Click here for an image  means a picture is available if you click the Click here for an image icon.

We can provide a complete list of parts for most any application! This list is just a starting point of the items for a typical 4sp swap. Don’t see what you want on this page?  Just ask, we most likely carry it and we have the expertise to get it right the first time!

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