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As of March 2004, these 2 trans have been superceded by the TKO 500 & 600

TR-3550 5 Speed (including TKO and TKO-II)

The TR-3550 and TKO are our premiere transmission(s).  It’s a high performance 5 speed overdrive that offers the following benefits:

  • Increased gas mileage
  • 32% overdrive 5th gear drops 3000 RPM to 2000 RPM
  • 0.83 optional 5th gear drops 3000 RPM to 2500 RPM
  • Reduces noise, heat and wear
  • Great for both street and race applications
  • Better gear spread (over the T56), see more below
  • Great shifting
  • Aluminum die cast housings (lightweight, yet durable). Dry weight is 95lbs.
  • Tapered roller bearings on shafts (Reduced noise and improved durability)
  • Proven synchronizer technology  (improved durability)...
    • Brass blocker rings
    • Patented strut-type design
    • Multi-rail linkage
  • Overdrive synchronizer placed on countershaft (Lower shift effort and reduced noise
  • 8 shift lever positions (Application flexibility)
  • STD II and TKO II have an upgraded steel and ratio change
  • Standard 90 Warranty, and an available Extended Warranty

The standard, TKO, and TKOII share the same case, and are nearly identical. The TKO features a stronger output shaft, and is rated at 525 ft/lbs.  The TKO II is a TKO with a stronger 3rd gear, and a 5th gear ratio of 0.83.  

Click here for a schematic and dimensions.                  



Click for a larger version of these pics.


The TR-3550 is available for most applications, including GM, Mopar, and of course Ford.   See the various pages on this web site (see list at bottom of this page).

GM Conversion:

The GM Conversion comes with the following modifications to specifically fit your early GM:

  • GM 26 spline 1 1/8” input shaft.   These input shafts are genuine TREMEC (not resplined), and are of the same high quality as the original input shaft. 
  • Machined bearing retainer to allow it to fit into your GM-spec bellhousing
  • Elongated trans to bellhousing bolt holes to match the GM bolt pattern
  • Machined off the rear torque arm boss
  • The TH400 or TH350  transmission mount can be used
  • A GM speedometer gear adapter is available
  • Note the Shifter: section below.
  • The rear torque arm boss can be removed for you for free, just ask.

If you’re considering a GM installation,  see the “GM Conversion Package”

Mopar Conversion:

We have a Small Block Mopar conversion kit available.  Call for details.


Click here for a Comparison of the TREMEC and Richmond 5 speed transmissions.


Output Shafts:

The output shaft for a standard TR-3550 is a 28 spline C4, and the TKO/TKO II have the stronger 31 spline C6 output shaft.  This is true for all applications.

Input Shafts:

  • All GM conversions have the 26 spline 1 1/8” input shaft
  • All TKO and TKO IIs have a 26 spline input shaft
  • The standard TR-3550 and the standard II (Ford) have a 10 spline input shaft
  • We offer varying input shaft lengths for various applications.  For example, the 3rd gen GM F-Body requires a longer input shaft.  And we offer custom input shaft lengths for FE Ford, Mopar, etc.  Call for details.


The TREMECs come with a stock TREMEC shifter.  They are a decent shifter, but if you want a more high performance and better shifting shifter, we recommend the our new custom shifter, or the Pro 5.0 .   The Pro5.0 is a larger shifter, so if you have space constraints, you may want to consider our much smaller custom shifter.

Mike Forte, of Forte’s Parts Connection, has designed a shifter for GM applications.  It is has been designed specifically to allow GM owners  to retain their original console without moving it.  The shifter bar will be relocated 2.75” forward from it’s stock location, which puts it at 16.75”.  This will put the TREMEC shifter bar right where the Muncie’s shifter bar is located!.  It’s very small in size, and there will be 2 options; straight up, and offset to the left 2”.  This shifter available for ordering and will be available for shipping at the end of Feb 03.

Please see more information about this shifter here:   Custom 5sp Shifter


Click here for a schematic and dimensions.

Classic Instruments electronic gauge conversion:

We offer the sensor with the driven gear, clip, and o-ring for these gauges.

Interested in reading up on driveline angles? (click here)

Click here for a link to get to the online Service Manual for this transmission.


Gear Ratios & Torque Ratings:








Torque Rating








425 ft lbs

TR-3550 TKO & GM TKO







525 ft lbs

TR-3550 TKO II







525 ft lbs

Read more about the strength/durability of these transmissions here! (click here)













Note:  Most bellhousings are close to 7”.

We also have a custom shifter option for 16.75”.  See more here.

Read about installing a TR-3550/TKO into a:


Yet another image for dimensions.

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